Katie Hopkins Joins The Rebel

Dear friends and foes,

As we dive into 2018, I could not be more excited to share my news. I have joined the team at Rebel Media and am thrilled to already be working hard on my first mission with Hopkins World.

The aim of Hopkins World is to tell the stories not being told. And to help your voice be heard at a time when too many of us feel the list of things we can’t say is longer than the list of things we can.

When so many platforms are under the control of the Saudis, tied to fickle commercial advertisers or beholden to special interests and religious lobbyists, it is a real thrill to find a place for us to speak without censorship.

If you hear yourself saying: “I’m not supposed to say this, but…” then I am here to reassure you that you are. Your views matter. You matter.

With this platform provided by Rebel Media, and the kind support of my sponsors, subscribers, and adversaries, we will be heard.

We do not have to agree. Only left-wing fascists and feminazis believe this is a precursor to debate.

But we can agree to work hard to fight for the untold world. My job is to get out there, get dirty, and help people’s voices be heard. Your job is to resist the official narrative, share our truths, get furious and fight back.

We stand strong together, and together, we will be heard.


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