Whatever The ‘Right’ Reaction Is to Parkland School Shooting, I’m Sure It Can’t Be This

I think we’ve reached a new low even for us, accustomed as we are to news of tragedy and terror – and our reaction to it. Even before the final bullet had left its magazine, the sound of Nikolas Cruz unloading his AR-15 assault rifle on his peers was eclipsed by the terrific noise of …

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Obsessive Parents More Harmful to Kids Than Bastardized Peter Rabbit   

Dear Parents Any chance you could just lighten up a bit? You know, see the funny side of life? Yes, I know little Theobald is allergic to 28 kinds of food stuffs, including raw paw-paw and the Himalayan turnip you get from the organic grocers. I hear you, sister, when you tell me that certain …

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Sources: Corrupt Members of South African Police Force Facilitate Farm Attacks

We are less than 40 days into 2018. Forty days, 41 farm attacks, and 5 murders on white farms. This is South Africa...

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SHOCK: South Africa Detained Me at Airport Because of My Journalism

It’s an uncomfortable subject that the mainstream media avoids because it’s contrary to the “official” narrative that only whites can be racist...

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Is ‘Freedom Fighter’ Malema ‘Afraid of Meeting a Little White Woman?’

As part of my investigative reporting in South Africa, I tried to schedule a meeting with...

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South Africa’s Farm Attackers May Not Be The Only Monsters Here

I came to South Africa to investigate the plight of the white farmer, who is being hunted from...

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Shots ring out

There's no such thing as true peace for South African farmers. Forever on guard, these...

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Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Farmer’s son traumatized by deadly attack

Bernard and his father came home to his farm from church that Sunday to start the braai...

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Katie Hopkins in South Africa: Farm security comes at a high price

This farm, situated in the Eastern part of South Africa, more closely resembles a super-max prison...

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When there’s “no outside interference,” then “black and white work together really well”

Spending time with members of South Africa’s black farming community, I'm struck by a sobering truth...

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